Every Donation Makes A Difference

The generosity of parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends enables us to have the best facilities and tools to develop the next generation of faith-filled leaders. Your contributions are vitally important to our students and the quality of their education. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference!

When you give a gift to Bishop McCort Catholic High School, it can be designated to go to the Annual Fund or another campaign initiative or project. Bishop McCort Catholic High School is a 501(c)(3) organization, so all charitable gifts made to our school are tax deductible. In fact, many gifts have substantial tax benefits for the donor. Thank you for your generous support!

Upcoming Fundraising Events
Crusher Night at The Mill Rats

July 11, 2024

Kids-A-Fair at Roxbury Park

July 27, 2024


August 18, 2024

Maintaining Our Standard Of Excellence

Tuition alone simply does not cover the costs of educating the current generation of Crushers. Bishop McCort Catholic High School’s Annual Fund gives you the opportunity to join alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and Crusher friends to ensure McCort’s ongoing ability to maintain its exceptional quality of education. Your gifts are used on a daily basis to help support the school’s mission and to meet its greatest needs including:

– Tuition Assistance
– Educational Programming
– Extracurricular Opportunities
– Technology Upgrades
– Campus enhancements and upgrades

Support Our Mission

Give The Gift Of Education

Creating a named scholarship is a great way to support McCort that benefits qualifying McCort students and their families. To establish a named scholarship, a commitment of $500 or more for four consecutive years is required. Donors can create the scholarship in their name or the name of a loved one whom they wish to honor. When you establish a named scholarship, your entire contribution is awarded each year to a qualifying student. Without this support, some students would be financially unable to attend BMCHS.

  • Altoona-Johnstown Catholic School Teachers Association Scholarship
  • Nick and Donna Antonazzo Family Scholarship
  • Louis R. and Catherine Aust Family Scholarship
  • Timothy and Rebecca Babik Family Scholarship
  • Michael Babyak Scholarship
  • Martha Rybar Banda Scholastic Scholarship
  • Barbara Ruth Boxler and James Boxler Scholarship
  • Denis M. Brett Memorial Scholarship
  • Betty Lee and John W. Burkhard Scholarship
    & many more!

Leave A Lasting Legacy

An endowment fund is an everlasting way to honor or memorialize an individual or family. A minimum gift of $10,000 will establish an endowment fund with the Independent Catholic Foundation. A minimum $3,000 gift will establish an endowment with the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. The interest generated from the invested fund is distributed however you designate it while the principle remains in the endowment earning interest. This type of fund is a perpetual commemoration to its namesake, honoring their legacy for future generations. For more information on Endowment Funds, please contact Jeanne Feathers at

The Heritage Society

The Heritage Society is made up of benefactors who have included Bishop McCort High School in their last will and testament or have indicated a deferred gift to the school through some form of estate planning. Their generosity and desire to leave a lasting legacy will make an impact on our community for generations to come through our students.

Mr. Richard Imgrund, 1949
Miss Madeleine Krueger, 1936
Mr. Carl Mahan, 1951 and Mrs. JoAnn (Gyan) Mahan, 1948
Mrs. Geraldine (Craig) Miltenberger, 1960
Mr. Edward Neiderlander, 1940 and Mrs. Doris Neiderlander

Dr. Charles Oschwald and Mrs. Elizabeth (Porada) Oschwald, 1975
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rizzo
Mr. Mark Pasquerilla, 1977

Mr. William Slezak, 1965 and Mrs. Edith Slezak
Mrs. Felicia (Govekar) Toth, 1953
Rev. Fr. Andrew C. Stanko, 1963
Mr. James Varmecky, 1962
Miss Elizabeth L. Merx, 1942
Miss Jelorma DeMario
Rev. Fr. Ronald Borsuk, 1947
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Rafferty, 1956

  • Altoona-Johnstown Catholic School Teachers Association Scholarship
  • Nick and Donna Antonazzo Family Scholarship
  • Louis R. and Catherine Aust Family Scholarship
  • Timothy and Rebecca Babik Family Scholarship
  • Michael Babyak Scholarship
  • Martha Rybar Banda Scholastic Scholarship
  • Barbara Ruth Boxler and James Boxler Scholarship
  • Denis M. Brett Memorial Scholarship
  • Betty Lee and John W. Burkhard Scholarship
  • Edward J. and Marie E. Burkhard Scholarship
  • Caring Friends Scholarship
  • Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court of Our Lady #647 Scholarship
  • Very Rev. James F. Crookston Scholarship
  • Daniel J. and Rosemary B. Crossen Scholarship
  • Margaret Curley Skalek and Geraldine Curley Scholarship
  • Louise Antonazzo Davanzo Scholarship
  • The John DeFazio Scholarship for Drive and Initiative Presented By Jason Horner ‘98
  • Thomas F. and Michele Deter Scholarship
  • William Deter ’53 and Roberta “Bertie” (Balazik) Deter ’55 Scholarship
  • John J. and Mary Jane (Link) Dougherty Scholarship
  • Piatak Dressel Scholarship
  • Mary Ann (Erlinger) and Julie Ann Luther Scholarship
  • Charles & Josephine Freidhoff Scholarship
  • Patricia Morgret Fyock Scholarship
  • Fred Garbinski Family Scholarship
  • James Gaus Memorial Scholarship
  • Paul and Cathy Rullo Gleason ’77 Scholarship
  • Greeley Family Scholarship
  • Msgr. Linford F. Greinader Memorial Scholarship
  • Louis and Marcia Guzzi Scholarship
  • Joseph and Helen Hart Memorial Scholarship
  • James F. Horner Scholarship
  • Hummel Family Scholarship
  • JCHS Class of 1956 Scholarship
  • JCHS Class of 1959 Scholarship
  • Johnstown Catholic Religious Educators 1945-1951 Scholarship (Special Acknowledgment to Sister Vincentia)
  • Robert J. Jones Memorial Scholarship
  • Rose and Andrew Kasprzyk Memorial Scholarship
  • Leah Kessler Scholarship
  • Louis F. Kitsko, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Frank and Ann Kmec Memorial Scholarship
  • Coach William “Doc” Kory Scholar-Athlete Scholarship
  • Robert D. Krizner Scholarship
  • Gary Labos Memorial Scholarship
  • L’Education en Vogue’s Unification Scholarship Honoring “Mads”
  • Maravalli Family Scholarship
  • Leo G. and Agnes Markferding Scholarship
  • Helen and Ronald McCormick Memorial Scholarship
  • Martha F. (Lloyd) and William G. McGovern Scholarship
  • Gertrude Mowery-Karr Scholarship
  • Marianne Newcomer Scholarship
  • Bob and Joan Ondick Scholarship
  • Indira J. Patel Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Bill and Mary Grace Pavlick Scholar-Athlete Scholarship
  • Paul and Rebecca (Roberts) Pendell Scholarship
  • Francis and Betty Petro Scholarship
  • Michael and Josephine Piatak Memorial Scholarship
  • Otto and Vera Respet Scholarship
  • In memory of Donald J. Roach/Nancy Roach-Gurdak Academic/Athletic Scholarship
  • St. Andrew’s Knights of Columbus Council #11308 Scholarship
  • Denny Sedei Memorial Scholarship
  • In Memory of Patricia A. (Klesch) Seitz ’56 Scholarship
  • Rick and Sue Seitz Academic Incentive Scholarship
  • Gerard T. Sheridan Memorial Scholarship
  • The Howdy Sherman/Shorty Maher Scholarship
  • John Skubak, Jr. Scholarship
  • Slezak Family Scholarship
  • Ann Harris Smith Memorial Scholarship
  • Matt Smith and Molly Morris Scholarship
  • Thomas G. and Nancy Smith Scholarship
  • Robert M. and Judith Toronto Statnick Scholarship
  • Charlie Turner Memorial Scholarship
  • Monica Sukenik Scholarship
  • Joseph and Bessie Sweeney Memorial Scholarship
  • Van D. and Kathleen P. Thomas Memorial Scholarship
  • Felicia Toth Scholarship
  • Joseph “Casey” and Stella Urban Scholarship
  • Andrew M. Voytas Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. John P. Walker Scholarship
  • Robert H. and Mary Lou Walker Scholarship
  • In Memory of former JCHS Band Director Walter W. Werzyn, Sr. Scholarship
  • Yingling Family-Commitment to Catholic Education Scholarship
  • Zambotti Family Scholarship
Established Endowment Funds

Helen Akers Memorial Scholarship
Established 2001

Bishop McCort Class of 1964 Scholarship
Established 2014

Bishop McCort Catholic High School Class of 1966 Scholarship
Established 2015

Nick and Donna Antonazzo Fund
Established 2002

David R. and Violet M. Bunk Scholarship
Established 2017

Reverend Richard D. Clark Scholarship
Established 2007

Rose M. Concannon Educational Fund
Established 2017

Daniel and Anne Crossen Scholarship Fund
Established 2022

John F. Curley and Leonor Cortes Curley Scholarship
Established 1998

Carl A. Dirsch and Catherine Dirsch Scholarship
Established 2011

Pete Duranko Scholarship
Established 2002

Ezra Ed Memorial Scholarship
Established 2008

James J. Fleming Memorial Scholarship
Established 2002

Tom and Linda Fleming Family Scholarship
Established 2014

Dr. James S. and Clare C. Furnary Fund
Established 2017

Jeffery W. Gaspar Memorial Scholarship
Established 2016

William E. and Leona L. George Scholarship
Established 2009

Mary Jo Clark Helsel Scholarship
Established 1999

Paul Hollern Memorial Scholarship
Established 2009

James F. Horner Scholarship
Established 2016

Johnstown Catholic School Class of 1960 Scholarship
Established 2010

Johnstown Catholic School Class of 1961 Scholarship
Established 2012

Edward T. Kelly, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Established 2006

Anthony W. Krueger Family Scholarship
Established 2018

Johanna M. Labuda Fund
Established 2010

Stanley and Clara Lasky Scholarship
Established 2002

Sister Donna Marie Leiden, S.C. Scholarship
Established 2007

Anthony, Irene and Kitty Lorditch Memorial Scholarship
Established 2009

Jim Lynch Scholarship
Established 2000

David R. Madigan Fund
Established 2001

Mary Madigan Fund

Established 2001

Joseph Martella, Sr. Scholarship
Established 2002

Elizabeth Merx Fund
Established 2021

Joseph and Rebecca McAneny Scholarship
(Presented by family members)
Established 2012

Bernie McGuire Scholarship
Established 2006

Frank J. and Sylvia T. Pasquerilla Scholarship
Established 1999

Michael Patcher, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Established 2008

Steve Petro Scholarship
Established 2010

Dr. John R. Quinn Scholarship
Established 2015

Charles and Isabel Sadosky Scholarship
Established 2009

John F. Schrankel, Esq. Scholarship
Established 2017

Gene Schultz Scholarship
Established 2005

Bobby Schutte Memorial Scholarship
Established 2002

Norman and Theresa Salem Scholarship
Established 2014

Dave Seidel Memorial Scholarship
Established 2011

Joseph Shumock Scholarship
Established 2004

S. Samuel Signorino Scholarship
Established 2010

John Paul Skelly Scholarship
Established 2006

Robert Donald Skelly Scholarship
Established 2014

Rev. Andrew Stanko Endowment
Established 2021

William Tomaskovich Fund
Established 2018

Anthony F. and Ann R. Urbas Education Fund
Established 2011

Robert ’59 and Mary Lou Walker ’60 Scholarship
Established 2022

Abbey M. Zalud Scholarship

Established 2015