Step 1

After attending Service Orientation Day, you will need to complete a service hour pre- approval worksheet. This will be part of your Theology Requirements.

Step 2

Do your service at any time by the date given by the Theology Department. You will submit a certificate of completion(s) from the pre- approved organization when your service is complete.

Step 3

Upon completion, you will be required to complete a document/PowerPoint/Project explaining what you have learned from this project. TBA every year. This will be determined by the Theology Department. (Take some pictures of your service for projects.)

Christian Service FAQs
How do I find hours?

Your first obligation is to your parish. At least half of the hours you perform must be done at your place of worship. Each pastor has a list of names of the people who attend McCort from his parish. We will check with him to see if you have volunteered. Serving Mass, helping with festivals, church dinners, or any other service to the parish will count toward your 38 hours.

We suggest you contact one of the volunteer agencies in town. Any of the hospitals, Salvation Army, St. Vincent DePaul Society, Food For Families Warehouse, Goodwill, any of the care centers or nursing homes in which to do service are all valid places.

YES! Key Club, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and a variety of other groups at McCort offer their members and in fact require service hours. Check with school teachers and coaches for various projects they might like to accomplish here at McCort.

The only person who can receive your voucher is your religion teacher. They will also have all the other paperwork you will need. Do not drop off anything in the office or give it to anyone else, or you will not receive credit.

NO!  This would negate any hours you have performed.

Most parishes will allow you to receive double credit for your service hours. However, you are responsible to provide the required forms or vouchers.

When calling these places, always identify yourself as a student of Bishop McCort High School.