School History

School History

A Place Born Of

Dedication And Devotion

After World War I, parishes in Altoona and Johnstown sought a Catholic high school alternative to public education. Following Bishop Eugene A. Garvey’s death, John Joseph McCort succeeded him, driven by his Catholic upbringing and commitment to education.

In January 1922,

Bishop McCort initiated a fundraising campaign for Catholic high schools in both cities, resulting in the establishment of Johnstown Catholic High School in June 1922. The school experienced rapid growth, adding courses, athletics, and facilities. Despite challenges like the Great Depression and the 1936 Flood, the school continued to thrive, supporting students through World War II and later renovations.

In The 1990s

In The 1990s

Sister Donna Marie Leiden became the first woman principal, introducing innovative programs and initiatives. In 2008, Bishop McCort transitioned to an independent nonprofit corporation, preserving its Catholic identity while ensuring financial sustainability.

Inaugural Members Of The
Bishop Mccort Catholic High School, Inc., Board Of Trustees:

Appointed July 1, 2008

Mr. Dan Hummel, Chairman

Mr. Joseph Martella, Vice Chairman

Mr. Mike Price, Treasurer

Mrs. Susan Mann, Secretary

Mr. Nicholas Antonazzo

Mr. Jack Buchan

Dr. Vincent Cascino

Mr. Jerry Davitch

Mr. Paul Helsel

Dr. Richard Kastelic

Monsignor Thomas Mabon, Trustee emeritus.

Mrs. Eileen Melvin

Mr. Mark Pasquerilla

Rev. Paul Turnbull

Sister Donna Marie Leiden, Bishop’s delegate