The Summer Before Junior Year

Your Schedule Matters!

Junior year really starts Sophomore year as you establish academic credibility and find out what kind of student you can be.
Make careful and thoughtful decisions when registering for Junior year.
  • Challenge yourself (within reason)
  • Consider AP classes if you are eligible
  • Consider College in High School Classes BMCHS Dual Enrollment Page
  • Remember that Junior year grades will be the grades universities receive with your college applications.
  • Know the difference between good rigorous courses and being in over your head.
Make Connections between the classes you may want and possible majors/careers that may be on your radar


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Step Up

Junior year is a time to get involved, find leadership opportunities, take responsibility for your actions, and stand out from the crowd

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Grow Up

Junior year is also a time to get serious about your routines, study skills, organizational skills, and social circles!

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Listen Up

Learning how to listen -- to instructions, to good advice, friend's who need a caring ear, a parent's concerns, to constructive criticism, to people who have already been in your shoes -- is one of the most important skills you can learn.

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Let your voice be heard, whether it be when you have good idea or when you see an injustice. You certainly have a lot to learn, but you also have plenty of great things to contribute!

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You can make a big statement about who you are without ever saying a word. Sometimes your actions, your nonverbal communication, and even your attitude can SCREAM who you are without even a sound.

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You should get familiar with all technology, not just your social media. Learning how to learn online means knowing how to navigate your Google Classroom, Google Hangout Meet, and other online platforms will help you prepare for education of TODAY!

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Now is the time to make sure you have a mature digital footprint. If necessary, Clean up your social media accounts and make sure your account names are respectable.

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Click here to set up a college board account!


College Searches should start early – Picking a college now is not likely, but exploring colleges is an absolute.

  • Cambria County College Fair is early September every year and McCort Guidance takes students every year.
  • Pittsburgh National College Fair
  • During the Fall, Many College Admissions Counselors come to Bishop McCort to meet and speak with you. You will often find them set up in the Cafe, anxiously waiting to talk to you!
Juniors get 2 College Visits - USE THEM! Visit at least one school in the fall just to get an idea and schedule a visit day in the spring as well

Winter Of Junior Year

You should be working hard in the classroom to keep building a great junior year transcript. You could also start to develop a College Ready folder to keep track of scholarships, college info., essay writing prompts/drafts, personal resume’, and college open house schedules

Scholarship Hunting

It’s never too early to start a scholarship search – In fact, many micro-scholarships are designed to start early


Scholarship Connections


Check out the Colleges of Distinction websites

It’s Christmas Time – Get Involved in Your School Community!  

  • Be a Shopper for Your Family Christmas Project
  • Help with Breakfast with Santa
  • Volunteer to Help SAP with Christmas Giveaway
  • PSAT score reports should be in sometime in December.
  • USE YOUR REPORT to see if you qualified for National Merit Scholarships!
  • USE YOUR REPORT to link to FREE & INDIVIDUALIZED SAT practice and prep!
  • You should start to THINK ABOUT what you are looking for in a college:

Academics, Retention & Placement Rates, Financial, Campus Types, Facilities, Student Life, Class Size, Location – There are many things to consider Check out these 33 Factors to consider when choosing a school. 

Spring of Junior Year